I NEED SERIOUS HELP!!!!! Would you please take a look at my resume?!?

Chasity L. Ellis
5555 Address St
City, IA 55555
(555) 555-5554
•Dedicated, service-focused professional actively working toward a nursing degree seeking a position as a health care receptionist.

•7 months of management experience.
•Experience caring for Alzheimer’s patient.
•Reliable worker with the ability to quickly learn new concepts and skills.
•Reputation as a team player and passion for helping others.

Des Moines Area Community College – Des Moines, IA
•Major: Pre-Nursing
•Expected graduation date: December 12, 2014

Des Moines Area Community College – Des Moines, IA
•GED, 9/02/10
Assistant Manager/Team Member
10/2009 – Present, Gamers Inc., Des Moines, Iowa
•Responsible for all aspects of day-to-day operation.
•Successfully handled payments including opening/closing cash drawers and preparing daily bank deposits.
•Managed store and staff by assigning employee tasks and organizing store to maintain appearance.
•Demonstrated excellent customer service skills by addressing customer concerns and responding appropriately.
•Provided a positive work environment by maintaining an optimistic attitude.
•Remained poised and competent during stressful situations.
CDAC Care Provider
12-2009 – 5/2010, Des Moines, Iowa
•Shared joint responsibility for the care of ill grandparent suffering from Alzheimer’s.
•Learned the basics of assessing patient vital signs under the guidance of home healthcare nurse.
•Assisted home nurse and hospice staff with all aspects of daily care, including bathing, feeding and dressing.

Best answer:

Answer by bruceyboy
It looks alright, but try not to go on so detail on the Work Experience section. I personally would write the company, location and in bullet points.

I would also add a section of your interest. Why? Simply because to give the employer what sort of person you are. Again, very briefly will be good enough.

Just remember, the employer will probably spend no more than 30seconds on your CV if you are lucky. Therefore, it must be quick and easy to see but also clear.

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