I have a degree BS biology & resident of south carolina. what do i need to do to become a nursing home adm?

I want to open a nursing home (skilled) and I have a degree in biology and minor in chemistry.I want to open my skilled nursing facility maybe 88 beds to start, where could I get funding to build a nursing home? If I already have a degree what do I need to do to obtain a nursing home administrator license? I really want this for south carolina what do I need to do? Please give me any information.

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Answer by Diane A
You should look in to classes in health care administration or similar. There is a great deal required to open any health care facility–far more than just having a “license”. There are a myriad of rules & regulations governed by state & federal law as well as medicare, and other regulatory bodies that oversee these facilities. You also need permits for medical waste, OSHA, disability code regulations, nursing staff & administrators, you need to have some physician coverage, insurance requirements, a billing department, and many other supportive functions. You might want to try & get a job working in one as well for some experience in what all is involved in this.

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