I desperately need a gift idea for my 29 year old sister who graduated from nursing school ?

I almost forgot, tomorrow is her big party….we are close, she’s an RN now with her associates degree, she’s a very serious person (i was the goofy one) and I have no clue what to get her.

i am not giving cash, thats so cold and impersonal and unimaginative.
what do people give these days???

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Answer by @}—>
Giving cash is “cold” ? That’s news to me. I always find it extremely helpful and I am always appreciative of it…

But obviously you guys are family and are close and you probably don’t want to feel like you’re just some stranger with no ideas. How about something she could use? Does she have her own fancy stethoscope? I’m not trying to be funny, but the really good ones are actually fairly expensive. Since you mention she is “serious”, I doubt she would appreciate anything gag-like or funny. She might be more practical.
Or a nice book, like Chicken Soup for the Health Care Professional’s soul (I think they have one along those lines)….

Just thought of something else – what about a new cell phone that has a schedule capability on it? Like a Blackberry? Or some other type of useful electronic.

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