i am a nurse who was called by the state nursing board about investigating me. should i talk to a lawyer first?

i received a call from my nursing home director. both the administrator and the director of nursing wanted to talk to me immediately. i asked them what was this about and both did not respond. i explained that i like my job (been there for 1 week) and do not want to be fired for any “PERSONALITY CONFLICTS” with a co-worker. they continued with no response!!!!! i then told them if you are going to fire me then let me know but i dont know what infraction i broke. AGAIN NO ANSWER!!! i then told them i guess you want me to resign so i resign immediately. they finally spoke and said they want their policy book returned that day, which i did. i have been a nurse for 12 years and did not have any problems with anyone while working there!!!! i am very very upset that the state board of nursing is investigating me. i could lose my license if i cant PROVE that i didnt do it!!!! do i speak with a lawyer??? any advice from you health care workers??? any one gone thru similar problems??? REMEMBER THE STATE BOARD OF NURSING WILL MAKE A DETERMINATION BASED ON THE “EVIDENCE” IN THE INVESTIGATION!!!!!! MY LICENSE AND MY LIVLEHIID IS ON THE LINE. PLEASE ANSWER, SINCE I HAVE TO TALK TO THEM TOMORROW AND WANT TO CLEAR MY NAME!!!!!! if i lose my license , i will not be able to practice nursing!!!!!! i have never been acused of any abuse before!!!! i am vety worried. thanks for any help.

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Answer by Alion
I’m not a health care worker and am not familiar with the details of your situation,but I can say that with your livelihood at stake you need all
the help you can get. A good lawyer can work wonders,it’ll show the other side you’re serious and have legal expertise on your side. By all
means get one.

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