How much does financial aid cover?

I want to get my bachelors in RN then become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetic. Will financial aid only cover for the bachelors? because I have financial aid now and they are paying for my associates for my RN degree, but I want to go from my associates in RN to my bachelors in RN , then to a CRNA.

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Answer by @nB
There are different regulations for financial aid when it comes to nursing. Most of the time, you can only get student loans for the advanced degree, but like I said, nursing is different. Go to and either fill out the form or call them. They can tell you exactly what is available. Also, many of the larger hospitals have a work/education incentive program where you can work as an RN for them and they will pay for a specialty degree. Call around to the human resource offices and ask for info.

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