How many CEU’s/ contact hours does a NJ Registered Nurse need ?

I just got my NJ RN license and i know that there are requirements for continuing education credits for us, but the website is confusing. If you are a NJ nurse can you help answer the following?

How many CEU’s/ contact hours do you need per year?

Is it per year or per 2 years since that is the renewal period?

Do we have to submit them or only if you get audited?

thanks :)
So i now know it is 30 ceu’s per 2 years. But do you have to show them to the board every time you complete the 30 or only when you are audited?

Best answer:

Answer by wanninonni
Contact the New Jersey Health Professions Bureau. In Indiana and Illinois, no CEUs are required but New Jersey may be different. Usually, the CEUs are required every two years. So if NJ requires 10 CEUs, you can do 5 each year. I hold a Health facility administrator license as well as Registered Nurse license. My HFA requires 40 CEUs to renew while RN currently does not require any CEUs. If you try to fudge your CEUs, you do run the risk of being audited and I don’t know what the penalty or fine is, but it’s probably not worth it. If you work at a hospital in NJ, perhaps their inservices can qualify as CEUs, check with the education department. If not, there are plenty of resources in nursing journals or if you receive Nursing Spectrum newsmagazine in your area, you may be able to pick up some cheap inservices that way. Hope this helps!!!

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