How long to I have to wait to take NCLEX-RN in IL?

I’m having trouble finding this information online and was wondering from Illinois nurses: how long do I have to wait after graduation to sit for my boards? I would like to take NCLEX asap after I graduate, but I’m not sure how long the wait is (I’ve heard from 1-3 months).
The reason I ask is because my fiance’ and I set our wedding date for July 3rd (after I would graduate around the 2nd week of May). We’re nervous now that that might not allow me enough time to take my test.

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Answer by Jill
It’s about the same everywhere. If you are registered well before you graduate and pay your testing fees in advance, you only need to wait for the school to send your affadavit of graduation to the state board of nursing, which usually will happen with 1-2 weeks after you graduate (ask your school’s records department or the school’s Dean of Nursing). Once the state receives the affadavit, the state board sends out the authorization to test almost immediately. Once you receive that authorization to test, you can schedule your exam at your convenience. You might get an appointment that same week, or it might take a month or two at the most.

When I graduated (not in IL, sorry), my school sent the affadavits within 3 days of graduation, I received my authorization the day after that, and was able to get a testing date the following week. I was licensed within 10 days of graduation.

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