How does one be “eligible” to sit for the NCLEX-RN?

I know there are the Associate and Bachelor’s route, but how does it all really work? Can ANYONE take the NCLEX-RN or must you be able to display a degree to qualify?

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Answer by Moon Crystal
You have to go through a state approved nursing program in order to sit for the NCLEX. There are associate degrees, bachelors degrees, master degrees (uncommon), and diploma programs (about 50 left in the US) for RNs.

If your state allows you to challenge the NCLEX (either RN or PN) chances are that it will not transfer out of the state. The only state I know of where you can challenge the NCLEX-PN is in California if you were a medic in the military. However, you cannot transfer your license out of the state.

Best of luck.

Edit: What I meant was challenge the NCLEX without going through an actual nursing program.

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