How do you know what goes where on a nursing care plan?

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Answer by gardeniagirl07
When you inquire into a nursing care facilities plan, they give you the idea that everything is going to be the best thing you can possibly do for someone who needs help. You receive all kinds of deceptive literature of how well your loved one is going to be cared for and in many cases it just is NOT true! Some nursing homes are better than others and overall, they tend to have a very high turn-over because of lousy pay and having to deal with elderly people that might be hard to get along with because they are physically or mentally ill (or both). Many people that work in nursing homes can only take so much of this type of pressure before they snap at or hurt a patient. Unfortunately, I have been in this situation and what I thought was going to be better than average care was pretty minimal at best. If I could have possibly taken care of my ill relative, I would never have put them in a nursing home. I can not begin to tell you how horrible and lonely of an experience it can be for a loved one. Do lots of research and if you decide on one, pop in unexpectedly every so often and see if they are living up their empty words and promises.

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