How do you go from a Associates degree to Bachelors degree in nursing?

Specifically, I am considering the career of a Registered Nurse (RN). I am in Indiana at the time, and the most convenient and appealing option at the time is for me to go to the community college in my area, and earn the Associates degree in Nursing. it is 2 years and I will be licensed as a Nurse.
What I want to know is ” do I have to study the full 4 year Bachelor program to get that degree? or after having the associates, I can only study 2 years and earn the Bachelors degree?
I hope this makes sense. I guess, in essence, I am not really sure that being nurse is what i want to do the rest of my life. so to study for 4 years to do something else later on seems wasteful. so If i could just do the 2 year associates degree, and then I could decide later if I wanted the Bachelors, that would be perfect.
so if anyone is a teacher in that area, or is a nurse of some sort, or any advice, knowledge, experience etc you could share, that would be great. thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for the answers in advance ! !

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Answer by Rick B
Most school offer a shortened program that will get you from an ADN to a BSN. BUT, in my experience you have to take many of the same prereqs to get into the ADN program as you do to get into the BSN program (I am currently in the BSN Program). The BSN Program I am in is 4 semesters including the summer so it lasts 16 months. The ADN program at my community college would take closer to two years.

I chose to go straight for the BSN. I felt like I would waste at least a year if I did the ADN, then went back for the RN->BSN.

Our RN-BSN program is about 3 semesters, but they are jam packed (20+ hours per semester).

Anyway, look at the nursing options in your area and pay attention to the prereqs. You might find that the ADN, then RN->BSN would take much longer than simply going for your BSN in the first place.

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