Homemade gifts for nursing home patients?

I like to volunteer at the local nursing home but since I’m only 16 I can’t do much except visit with the patients. (which I love to do) Some of them like to be read to but others just like to talk and I was wanting to bring them all a small gift this coming weekend. Does anyone have any idea of gifts to make them? I’m a crafter so I have like every craft supply available. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by lois d
this week, must be the flag, what a very nice idea, i worked in those homes as a guard, and believe it flags, cigarettes, if parents will help you and if you make those house slippers Wow, they would love it and just sit and talk your ears off to, and if you prep air have a lot of questions for them to, like what did you do when you were a child were you good or mean, yes those questions you can really get input from them and again thank you.

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