Had my first appointment today?? Questions?

So I went this morning and it was very…boring. First we met with the insurance lady. Then we saw the nurse, who made me pee in a cup. She took it somewhere, came back and said “congratulations”. I am assuming that she did a test? Then we went over medical history, dos and don’ts, due date and set up all my appointments. I didn’t acutally see the doctor. The nurse said that the doctor doesn’t actually see you until you are 12 weeks (unless you have had previous complications or concerns.) Then the drew some blood and we went home.
If the first trimester is so important, why don’t they see you until 8 weeks (for the the consult visit) and not even see the doctor until 12 weeks? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

They also gave me a bunch of prenatal vitiman samples to try and some books.

Best answer:

Answer by bridget
not much they ever really do for you … monitor the peeing in a cup every time and gives you time for any questions. in the good old days you did it by your self i guess they are there for complications which we all hope never come up.

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