Does anyone know how Medicare works?

My mom went into a nursing home and my dad doesnt have a lot of money. The nursing home costs almost $ 9000. a month! Medicare is going to pick up the first 3 weeks of care, but then they have to review her case. It’s not like she’s going to change!! She’s 84 and has dementia/depression and can’t walk. She needs 24 hour care. Does anyone know if Medicare will continue to pay or will my dad go broke taking care of her bill?

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Answer by g
medicare will pay for it dont worry

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  1. Zarnev says

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Medicare does not pay for long term care; the most they will pay for is 100 days and then only if there is a chance she’ll get better within that time. This is why they’re reviewing the case after three weeks. This is also why everyone needs Long Term Care Insurance.

    Medicaid will pay. However, she’ll have to spend down her assets before they’ll pay. What this means will depend upon the state in which they live, but your mom will have to sell almost all of her assets, including stocks, bonds, and investments. If the assests are also in your dads name he may keep 50%. They can keep the house if your dad is living there but Medicaid may place a lein on the house. She’ll have to spend almost all income she receives to pay for her care. Also, if Medicaid pays they may not authorize her to be in the same home. Not all nursing homes are approved by Medicaid; they will put her in one the cheapest places around that can give her care.

    The only good news I can give is your dad won’t be liable for the charges once Medicaid takes over.

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