Do online schools for nursing programs, offer any internships or hands on training?

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Answer by Ginny
Hi Chris!

No, they honestly do NOT exist. Don’t fall for the fake ads out there. You have to finish your ADN before you can finish the rest of your BSN online. I promise you..there literally isn’t such a thing as an online nursing program. A little more about me/nursing:

I finished a nursing program, as this is where my passion lays. However, I encourage everyone to look into a better field. Nursing has no shortage and there are literally NO jobs. I am in NYC and know BSN nurses who have been out of work for almost a year. When you DO find a job, 9 times out of 10, it will be abusive. Nurses have to deal with an incredible amount of stress, harassment, bullying, and degradation.

This is coming straight from the nurses mouth. If you have any level of self-respect, you will absolutely regret your decision to go into nursing. The suffering is tremendous and most nurses have conditioned themselves to accept the abuse. They are in flat out denial and will viciously defend their career. I am humble enough to say that I LOVE helping my patients, don’t mind the dirty work, but I actually have a self esteem and realize that, in this field, human beings are treated well below their worth and it’s not natural, nor healthy.

Here are a few fields that I have personally researched and very few people are aware of them. They are currently stable and will BOOM incredibly in the next few years as we have about 60,000,000 baby boomers retiring:

– Occupational Therapy Aide…go for your COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Aide)- average salary $ 50,000-$ 65,000/year to start.

-Physical Therapy Aide- average salary $ 40,000-55,000/year…but they are needed a little more than COTAs because most people do not want to go to school for PTA. It’s a little more difficult of a program and you usually don’t go back for your Bachelors. You would make this your career. It has a HIGH rate of job satisfaction, though.

-Health Information Technologies- $ 50,000-$ 100,000/year (depending on how large your facility is and what state it’s in). Ask yourself, HOW many people do you know that specialize in this? That’s right, probably NONE. Why? It’s a newer major that was created as health care expands/grows and systems are being updated. Being a computer major will not be enough. Hospitals and Health Care institutions have elaborate billing/coding/medical systems that are updated CONSTANTLY and they need someone who has the specific knowledge to handle them.

-Health Care Administration- $ 40,000-$ 85,000/year. This is the person that RUNS the show, per se. They have a vast knowledge of codes, laws, policies, and some payroll and human resource experience. They are the go-to people when there are questions to be asked…they are the jack of all trades. Desk job= LESS harassment, stress, bullying. But don’t be fooled, you will have to put in effort and actually know your stuff…very rewarding once you do.

-Diagnostic Sonographer- $ 35,000-$ 75,000 This person is trained to look for cancerous masses, cysts, etc. Very rewarding career, works alongside doctor and saves that doctor a DRASTIC amount of money.

I’m just saying..keep your options open. Have a great day and feel free to message me if you would like!

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