Dificulty getting science of nursing?

I am a senior and i am looking to major in Science of Nursing and get my associates degree. Im from Massachusetts and am attending massassoit of community college and to pass and get a degree you have to have 78% or better. How hard is it to pass and get your degree and what are my options after?

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Answer by Jill
Nursing programs are difficult in that they require you to study a lot of material. The material itself is really not terribly difficult. If you ask questions, be an active student and make sure you’re really taking the time and effort it requires, then you’ll be fine. It doesn’t take a genius to get through nursing school.

If you earn an Assoc. Degree in Nursing I’m assuming it’s an RN program you’re going for. So you can be an RN once you pass your licensure exam, the NCLEX, after you graduate. There are really no jobs that specifically require a BSN over an ADN except for public health jobs and often supervisory / management types of jobs. You can work in any patient care setting you want with your license.

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