College graduation…present?

My best friend since I was 2 is graduating from college and having a grauation party. It’s going to be a BBQ/bonfire type thing I believe, My question is if you bring presents to a college graduation party? She just got married this past summer, bought a house and is expecting a baby in November. She also has a job lined up where she’ll be making $ 25+/hour as a nurse. I don’t want to show up with a present and be the only one or on the other end not show up with anything. So should I get a gift and if so what should I get?
Thanks so much guys.
So now I want to get her something but I want it to be more personal. Something that’s maybe not the typical graduation present??

Best answer:

Answer by Sandy M
If she’s your best friend, a present is a great idea. If you’re concerned that you’ll be the only one bringing one, however, leave it in the car. That way, if everyone else has one, you can run and get it. If no one else brings one, you can give it to her after the party.


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