Choosing to discontinue life support for dad, 89. Help?

My 89 year old father broke his hip at the nursing home. He made it through the surgery fine, but then took a sharp turn into kidney failure, pnemonia. The docters found evidence that his food and liquid was going into his lungs. It was starting to look grim. Through several family meetings, with the doctors, clergy and review of his last will of intentsions; we all agreed to discontinue IV water and treatments for lung infection. He refused food and discontinued talking to anyone. The IV water was discontinued because it was thought that the water was just filling his lung, making it harder to breath.

After a week stay at the hospital, we took him back to the nursing home to let him die.

Next thing we know, the nursing home staff put water and food up to his mouth and he starts eating again.

I am puzzed by this after going thru a very upsetting decision the hosp doctor. Did the nursing home do wrong by not following orders?

Best answer:

Answer by gav
I don’t think you have the right to instruct anybody to let your father die in their care.
You can’t expect an ‘order’ like that to be carried out.

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