Certified Nursing Assistant Scholarship or Grant?

I’m a 17 year old high school student. Over the summer break I want to take a c.n.a. class. I was wondering are there any scholarship or grants I can put towards this class instead of paying full tuition at the community college I intend on going to? I live the the St. Louis, MO metro east area. I am a straight A student and I am involved with various extra-curricular activities and community service projects.

Please don’t put any negative comments about C.N.A.’s and what they do, I am fully aware of the job description.

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Answer by sweetdove_me
Unfortunately you have to have a high school diploma & be 18. However, you might want to check employment opportunities that are similar in nursing homes, and hospitals in your area. Some places hire people to help feed patients, and make beds. There are also transporters. Let them know your interested in becoming a CNA once your graduate, and ask if they have a training course in it. Make sure it’s a Certified Nursing Assistant course, instead of a similar uncertified one. It differs in various states. Some hospitals/nursing homes will put you though the course for free as long as you work for them afterwords.

Best of Luck!

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