Can you obtain a a real nursing job with an online nursing degree?

I wanted to get into the nursing field but my job hours and my child interfere with the scheduling of the classes on campus. If I was to go online could get a nursing job with an online degree? i know some online degree are not looked upon highly?

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Nursing education combines academic study and actual hands on patient care in a clinical setting, so there isn’t a way to become a nurse through online degree programs for those with no previous nursing license. If you were a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse already with a valid state license then you could enter any one of a number of accredited online nursing schools to earn an advanced nursing degree online, but you cannot without first being a nurse already.

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved to know that people cannot become nurses or doctors completely online. Would you want someone caring for your health who had never practiced in a clinical setting under an instructor before? Not likely right?

While you can’t become a nurse online with no prior nursing background, you could earn a non-clinical but still medical related degree online such as a degree in health care administration, health services, or public health (just as a few examples), then get a job in a hospital or other health care setting.

There are several hundred Allied Health Care career fields available online or at local campus based schools that offer a wide range of choices that you might find interesting and may be able to get into while managing your job and family as well, and this page provides articles that describe many of them plus give the education requirements and a source of schools for each:

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