Can you join the military as a nurse if you go to a online nursing school?

I am considering going to a local community college to get a degree in nursing (RN) and I was then planing on going to a online only or advanced pace school like University of Phoenix (or similar school) to receive my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) which is required to join as a military nurse. Will this work or will I have to go the long way around and go to a 4 year school to be a military nurse?
I know all nursing requires a BSN and they are all officers. I just want to make sure my plan works. I am not totally set on joining yet. I want to finish school first.
Marine5 would you care to back that up? I am looking at specifically the air force nursing program.
A RN from a community college and from a 4 year school are the same. The BSN (in the civilian world) is only needed if you want to move up from just basic nursing to management. The military only wants nurses with a BSN which can be achieved by going to a school that issues BSNs. I want to go to a CC and get my RN then get my BSN (either from UoP or other such accredited school) to join the military. I am looking for facts only, not opinion. If you can show me something that says yay or nay on my plan then do.

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Answer by Justin L
Depends if you go Officer or Enlisted. Officers require a 4-year degree. Either one will then send you to the Army’s version of Nursing school (called AIT) regardless of your previous degree.

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