Can someone help me i have to make a care plan with Nursing Diagnosis, Goal, Intervention & Rationale?

This is the Scenario to make a care plan. Mrs P is an 86yr old widow in a residential aged care facility. Mrs P has osteoarthritis in most of her joints, but her right hip is particulary painful. She is very stiff and sore in the mornings, but as the day goes on, she ‘loosens up’ and is able to shower and walk with her tripod stick and standby assistance. She wail have a total hip replacement in 3 weeks time. Someone please help??? its an assignment…
thanks prncessang228 do you have any other ideas what i could write i need 2 hav 2 actual and 1 potental problem. careplans suck!!!

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Answer by prncessang228
it’s been a long time since i’ve gone to nursing school but i’ll give you the basic with this (the rest you need to fill in yourself-care plans are key to nursing and you need to know how do them with confidence before graduating)

a nursing diagnoses is one that is secondary (or caused by) the primary diagnoses the dr gave. for you patient i would use

-hip pain caused by osteoarthritis for your nursing diagnoses

-Goal would be to have less pain in the mornings and increase mobility

-interventions would be performing ROM (range of motion) exercises while in bed before getting up in the morning to help loosen up the joints. She could also take a mild pain reliever before getting up (have meds at bedside the night before)

-Rationale : this is a scientific reason why your interventions will work. so you would need to find an online article or book that explains how doing ROM and taking pain meds before getting up will help reduce pain and help her be able to move more or better.

I hope this helps. Nursing care plans are tedious and in the beginning of the course, you don’t really understand why you have to do them. but as time goes on and you get closer to finishing (and especially when in the field) you totally get why you need them.

Good luck with your schooling!!!

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