can i support my son and i on a cna salary in arkansas and still be able to enjoy some of my money?

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Answer by lisa s
Of course it depends on alot of things….
how old is your son?
do you live with someone now, how much is your rent
do you get child support (if nto have you tried to collect?)
do you have a car or other reliable transportation
do you have daycare for your son so that you wont have to miss work
do you have a backup plan for when you son is sick so that you can maintain employment
How much money will you make (dont answer that here but will it be enough to support the things you want- place to live, car, etc for example)

Have you made a budget
have you accurately estimated the cost of food and electric and cable into your budget
what about transportation costs and the cost of uniforms and daycare

at the very least there are a few things to think about
best of luck to you

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