Can I get into nursing school?

I want to be an RN and am planning on getting my associates degree in nursing to do so. However, i see that most nursing schools require a background check before accepting students into their program. I have 1 possession of marijuana offence and 1 DUI. They were only 2 years ago but that part of my life is in the past! I really want to be a nurse! Will this effect me getting into nursing school? I read that in colorado if you have a possesion offense you wont get in but you can have 1 DUI… so frustrating, i hope i can find something! (Im up for going anywhere especially Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Massachusetts (due to family))

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Answer by limon
Some states have strict regulations where you can’t have any misdemeanors on your record in order to go into any human services field including nursing, teaching, social work, etc. You could keep looking for schools that may let you in but, I’m sure the chances are slim to none. That’s the reality of it even though that’s your past.

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