Can anyone recommend a good used textbook website for nursing courses?

Anyone have any websites that are reliable and sell used but good textbooks for nursing courses?

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Answer by occool
Incase you have any of your old textbooks left, you could look into an exchange where you actually exchange your old textbooks for the textbooks you need. I recently signed up for, which seems like a relatively new free textbook exchange service. All I had to do was create an account, add the books I needed to my need list, the old textbooks to my have list, and if there are any possible exchanges, (which unfortunately does not happen every time, yet), It helps me to save some extra money from not needing to buy a new text book. If it does not work out for you this time, it might do so next time, who knows??? I have to say that I have worked up quite a collection on old text books from many of my previous years, since I am a senior right now. I do wish this website would have started a bit sooner…

You could also buy the textbook on Amazon; I used to buy textbooks here all the time and I still do unless I can exchange them on Amazon is probably the best website for most of your purchases, especially books, since they are very cheap, and have a 30 day refund…

Also see has cheap textbooks for sale… I have bought some of my textbooks here as well… might also be a good solution for you, I have not had the opportunity to use their services myself, but I have heard from classmates that they rent you the textbook for a good price.

Sorry I could not be of more help, but I hope this at least gives you some options…Good luck with your search.

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