California nursing program and financial aid?

I want to become a nurse in California, and I plan on starting school this summer. I’m 19, Plan to be married in December and have a 16 month old so basically I want to get the ball rolling on my career! I stay at home and don’t work…my fiancé makes about 30,000 a year, a little less I think. Do I qualify for financial aid? I haven’t been to school since 2007 when I graduated, other than a mess up where I signed up for classes and they didn’t drop so I got like 4 fails….does this lower my chances for getting financial aid?
Also…those of you who did the nursing program…I want to be a neonatal or labor and delivery nurse, anyone who has successfully completed the program? How hard was it?

Best answer:

Answer by Cindy

I’m from California. Don’t get into nursing. Are you in it already? Nursing isn’t something you just get into. It’s hell..and nursing school is hell..and subsequently, y our job will be hell.

Look into being a medical assistant, or even a CNA, to start making money quicker. If you love that, then go on to nursing.

BTW, you will not qualify for financial aid. It sucks, I have been in your position. Unfortunately, financial aid is reserved for all the ghetto welfare abusers, it seems

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