Attention R.N.’s I have not nursed in a while and I need to be reinstated can you help????

I fell ill and didn’t think I would ever nurse again.Guess what I survived!Now I need CEU’s ao somekind of training to be reinstated.What can I do besides go back to school???I made nationals on R.N.exam and I was an L.P.N. before that and made nations on that board test.I love nuring and we currently have a shortage in Mississippi.Also I wanted desperatly to go to the coast after Katrina to volunteer but I was afraid to go without current Liceinse.Please help!!!Can I do something on-line that won’t cost an arm and a leg???Help girlfriends I know you are out thier and I miss you all!!!!God Bless You and Have The Happiest Holidays ever!!!!

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Answer by Joanna
Spencerian College in Louisville, KY offers an online RN program. Since you already have most of your training, it should be easy for you to complete it. Their number is 502-447-1000. Ask for Nursing Admissions.

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