Are there Online Pre-Requisite Nursing Courses Available?

Hello. I have a B.A. in Anthropology. I’ve decided I want to become a nurse and do an entry level MSN program (meaning I will earn my RN as well as MSN concurrently). I need to take pre-requisite classes such as Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, etc. Taking them at a community college is very time consuming as I currently work full time. Going this route, it will take years before I can even enter the MSN program. I would like to take my pre-reqs online. Can someone please let me know of an accredited school that I can take 5 classes at that will transfer? I’m going crazy!!

Best answer:

Answer by Miranda J
I would call the colleges you are interested in and see if they have online classes, or check their websites. That would be the best way to go. I know here, there are a few colleges that offer most of the prereqs online. The only ones you can’t do onlin- obviously- are the labs. So calling the colleges in your area would tell you what is offered by who. Good luck!

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