any one know a college loan for nursing students here in the philippines?

we need about 60t for my son’s affiliation fee
a friend referred to a non-collateral micro-finance.
only to find out the word “non-collateral” is not true. the scheme goes like this
to get my loan
I have to open a checking account
issue postdated checks corresponding my schedule of payment

is it legal?
shall i take this?
will it not further my screwed-up finances?

Best answer:

Answer by mystery moo
unfortunately we dont have Fafsa here..

what my mom and dad used to do, loan from a bank or loan from the company where my dad used to work.. check your bank if they offer this kind of assistance and if you can qualify.. Ask the Hr Dept where you are currently working, its a salary deduction.. Also, if you are a member of Pag-ibig or SSS, they have this salary loan you can avail..

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