ANOTHER Baby Name Game and BQ?

I love making these now, but they are super detailed, so be prepared to read! Its not much work, but It’s a little but of a brick to read(:

1. You live in the center of a bustling town in Connecticut during your childhood. Your house is surrounded by shops and boutiques and restaurants and schools and neighborhoods, so you manage to get a lot of life squeezed into your young years. Your friends are always around you, but you were born to a very young single mom and are an only child. You dream of having a devoted husband and a huge family when you are older. Up until the age of 12, you are a dream child. However, your rebellious teenage years hit you very hard. You want freedom so bad you are willing to give up safety. By the time you are 13, you have already ran away from home and are living with your 17 year old boyfriend. You teenage years are very hard, most of the time you are alone and afraid, and you have a very limited education. However, when your 18, you meet a beautiful boy, and suddenly all of your rebellion is behind you. He encourages you to get your high school degree and go to college, and by the time you are 25, you are working on your nursing degree. Name this man(:

2. He is the closest friend you’ve every had, but he is ONLY a friend, nothing more. He treats you right and encourages you to make a future for yourself, but he is in a relationship with another woman. Still, you fall in love with him as a friend. When you are 26 and your mother dies at the young age of 41, you confide in him and tell him every secret you’ve ever kept. You have nothing but him to keep you stable in your life. Never before had you realized just how beautiful and perfect he is, and how much you really love him. He breaks up with his girlfriend. In the course of only a month, you stop being friends and get married. Describe your wedding and honeymoon.

2. You finish your 4 years of nursing school and become a RN when you are 29 (correct me if I’m wrong about how long it takes to become a nurse). Your husband is a professor at a prestigious University. You are finally ready to try for children. You have a gigantic home in the suburbs, thousands of dollars saved for a baby, a very stable income AND you are totally in love with your husband. You try for a baby for 3 long years, but when you turn 32, you come to the realization that it may never happen. A week after you realize this, a huge miracle happens, and you are pregnant with not one child, not two children, not even three children, but four! Three girls and a boy. Your doctor is astounded. You name the first girl and the boy your absolute favorite names in history, and your husband names the other two. He wants to one of them either Shiloh, Harlow or Bella and Marie, Rose or Lila for the third girl quad. The middle names for both must be a flower.

4. After two years, when you are 34 (going on 35), your husband is beyond content with your little family, but you have always dreamed of more kids. As a child, you wanted 8 or 9, but your getting older, and you know how hard it was to conceive the last time. On your 35th birthday, your doctor announces your pregnant with a little boy. Name him something that has to do with nature for the first name and love for the middle.

5. Your little boy is only 2 months old and your are 35 when somehow, magically, despite earlier complications, you get pregnant with twins! Identical girls! Your husband thinks that seven kids is an absolutely ridiculous number. You feel like your just getting started! However, you can even realize the strain so many infants are putting on your relationship, so you agree that these twins will be your last kids. When you are 36, you give birth to two healthy baby girls. Name them names that sound alike with middle names of spices.

6. You have three babies under 1 year old! Your son is 11 months and your daughters are newborn! Your quads are also just four years old! So you actually have 7 kids under the age of 5! It is an absolutely amazing amount of work, and your crazy family is actually featured on the national news! When you are 40, you are thrilled to have four 8-year-olds, 1 5-year old, and two 4-year-olds! You decide that while you love your native Connecticut, you need a move. Where do you move to?

7. When you are 48, one of your oldest daughters gets pregnant through a sexual assault. You are very saddened for your daughter, because she has a scholarship to Standford she can no longer accept with a little baby girl running around. Because you helped her so much, she wants to name her baby after you. Name this baby some variation of your name, with the middle name of some variation of your daughters name.


BQ- What is the most amount of kids you would ever want? AND if you could only have one gender of child, would you want to have boys or girls?

Best answer:

Answer by Woah.Heck Yes.Woah.
1.)Ryan Matthew Wittman-

2.)We get in married in the south of France, We have a beach wedding, with only our close family and friends. After the wedding, the reception takes place at a wonderful resort ( ) not far from the beach. Ryan and I decide to travel to a small village in Germany for our honeymoon. We leave after about two weeks, because Ryan needs to get back to his career, as do I.

Baby Boy:Carter James (named by me)
Baby Girl:Ava Sophia(named by me)
Baby Girl:Bella Rose(named by Ryan)
Baby Girl:Rosealynn(aka Rose) Juniper(Named by Ryan)

4.)Kougar(Like Cougar) Amor

A.)Nevaeh Cassia
B.)Treah Sage

6.)A small town in rural New York.

7.)Aisha(Eye-E-Sha) Anabelle

BQ:6, I’d want Boys.

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