Advice, wanting to go to college in iowa with children, husband losing his dead end job needs to go too.?

Hi, I am the proud mother of a 21 month old girl, a 4 month old boy, 1 one year old aussie mix and a 4 month old pure aussie. I am a stay at home mom and am 20 years old. My husband has a job with bring home pay of 28,000 a year. We have a car payment(130) insurance comes to 1300 a year for house and car, we just bought a house which we put all our savings into. We owe 60,000 on the house(it is worth about 92,000 on the assesors page) we owe 2,500 on the car and it is dying. My husband is losing his job august 1st is his last day. I start college in may, I have about 2 years of prerequisites and then 3 years of nursing school. My husband needs to go back to work to get some kind of degree where he will be able to continue to get raises and such and make more than he does currently. He is in the electronics field with a civilian military job which requires him to be a part of the army guard which he isnt going to be doing anymore and it doesnt really cross over into a civilian field.
I need advice on financial aid options, state aid options, really any ideas any one has for us on how to succeed I don’t want to struggle all my life like my parents and friends did. we live in a des moines suburb called newton iowa. all together our costs per month are 1,400 not including childcare food and insurance(health) thanks everyone

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Answer by Judy
Good luck. It sounds like you need to prioritize which one of you needs to go to school now, and the other one should probably be working in the meantime. If your husband is around the same age as you are, then you’ve got time, to both get an education and then get decent, stable jobs and not have to struggle all your lives. But pretty much no matter what you do, the next several years will be a struggle.

Nursing is a field with lots of job opportunities, decent pay, and flexibility, so if that’s what you want to do, I hope it works out for you.

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